It's about perspective.

Fresh perspective for any phase of your project


When we’re heavily invested in a project’s creative concepts, maintaining perspective is tough. 

It's impossible to be objective about our own wording and messages.  

Our brain works against our goals…

  • filling in the blanks left by gaps in logic. 
  • glossing over any discrepancies in our wording and phrasing. 


 It's about losing perspective.

Copy “blind spots” are unavoidable

Objective perspective for your messages

You know how you can read a sentence and it doesn’t make sense until you’ve read it several times? 

That happens when the writer is too close to the messages and the ideas behind the words. 

When you’re the writer knowing what you are trying to say, your mind will direct you to read what you’ve written as if it’s perfect.

You see what you want to see – because you know what you mean to say.


You're experiencing copy "blind spots" and need perspective.

We all “read aloud” in our head.


This “silent speech” is how we understand and remember what we’re reading.

The area of the brain responsible for speaking is active as we silently read and “hear” sounds and the rhythmic flow of phrases. 

This means how your copy “sounds” is critical!

At the point you’re familiar with your own wording, you can no longer hear it the way a new reader will.

You’ve become “tone deaf” and need perspective.

Professional, objective viewpoint

Writing and revising copy for your marketing team

Fresh perspective for your marketing copy


I can help out with any phase of your project, bringing an unbiased eye and ear to your copy. 

I can adopt your brand voice as your storyteller. You’ll benefit with an objective point of view and copywriting and editing that seamlessly integrates your tone, style, and voice. 

You’ll feel confident your brand delivers consistency and clarity in all your customer messages. You'll know that your voice comes across in the way you want.


what clients say

“Susan Remkus is an excellent resource to me. She is a meticulous copy editor and an excellent writer, very easy to work with and extremely reliable.” 

The perspective of prediction in writing

the perspective of preconceived opinions

the perspective of tone of voice



perspective is personal and private

perspective to connect