copywriting and editing that picks up where your marketing team leaves off

copywriting & editing that picks up where your marketing team leaves off

Copywriting for every phase

copywriting help for every phase of your marketing project

Wording help for busy marketers - from start to finish

There’s no need to follow the advice “Always finish what you start.” 


Sometimes it makes more sense to use a freelance copywriter and copyeditor to speak in your brand's voice.

Need a hand with your marketing projects?

From concept to creation, I can help you every step of the way. 

Whether you’ve reached a certain point and aren’t sure how to proceed, or you’re aware that something needs work but can’t pinpoint the problem, I can come in at any phase of your marketing project. 

When your content creation gets derailed because other projects have taken priority, I can jump in.


You’ll have a seamless transition for each step of your projects. 

As a freelance copywriter and editor, I listen to your brand’s voice and ensure your messages are heard in that voice. 

  • I write and fine-tune copy that aligns with how people tick.
  • I improve content by strengthening its flow and readability. That means editing to improve a piece’s overall structure.
  • I review content with the customer experience in mind.

If you want to summarize or condense the message you want to convey, you can depend on my ability to clarify and simplify. 

You’ll be sure your marketing efforts are centered around your customer’s point of view. 

I am adept at getting inside the minds of prospects to understand their hopes and desires.

Feel confident in your marketing messages 

You’ll have an expert who can help you:

  • produce content consistent with your brand style and tone.
  • make sure your content is error-free, clean, and concise. 
  • communicate various messages for you in a compelling, accurate way.

You’ll have a friendly professional with the experience in editing and writing sharp, audience-focused SEO content. 

The content your audiences and industries are looking for.

Increase response rate and click-throughs

We all need distance and objectivity from our own marketing. I’ll help you make sure your marketing messages are less about you and more about connecting with your buyers.

Discover how an expert eye can help you make sure your messages are clear and your copy on target.

Eliminate doubt and increase your productivity. Use the right freelance help.  

what clients say

“She’s able to say what I want to say. It’s like she reaches into your head and pulls out the words. Susan helps me clarify my goals for a piece and pulls it all together in a way that gets great results.”

copy that clicks with how your client ticks


Voice, tone, and style

Bringing your voice, tone, and style into harmony. Ensure the correct flow and emotional pull of your copy. 


Persuasive copy structure

Persuasive copy structure at every phase of your project. Copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, revising.


Messaging in your voice

Get in touch for messaging that reflects your particular brand, with compelling wording that create sales.