Wordsmith expertise for busy marketers

The business wordsmithing services you need
to bring your voice, tone, and style into harmony

If you don’t have the time or the inclination toward writing, editing, and proofreading, now you have the expertise on hand to help you ensure the correct flow and emotional pull of your copy.

Enjoy the convenience of working with someone who possesses a deep understanding of marketing and advertising principles in web copy and print materials. You can be confident your messaging reflects your particular brand.

Copywriting and editing are specialized skills few people take the time to develop and continuously refine. Your business will profit from using the right freelance help.

Be confident your messaging reflects your particular brand, with concise, compelling wording that create sales. Using a fresh, trained eye works wonders across your print and online media, bringing you:

  • consistency of your brand voice and tone
  • emotional connection with your reader through persuasive copy structure
  • the technicalities of grammar, usage, and style to enhance your trustworthiness

Your wording delivers your message while infusing your brand’s value into your reader’s thoughts and actions. Tap into your prospect’s thinking to evoke the response you want.

The American Marketing Association defines brand image as:
“what people believe about a brand — their thoughts, feelings, expectations.”

“Susan Remkus is an excellent resource to me. She is a meticulous copy editor and an excellent writer, very easy to work with and extremely reliable.”
Kristy Summers Sybase

On-target copywriting, revisions, and fine-tuning
Helping you ensure your tone, structure, and all the subtleties of writing are in sync

It’s impossible to be objective about your website copy, email campaigns, and print pieces when you’re living and breathing your marketing work day in and day out. You’ll see what you expect to see.

Now you can be confident your marketing messages are checked for the problems that hurt your brand image. For example…

  • Wordiness that wastes your reader’s time; ambiguities that make your copy hard to follow; overlooked points that your customer needs to know
  • Poorly organized structure that leads to overload and lessens the chance of your copy making sense to your reader
  • Tone that lacks a nuanced understanding of what your customer wants to know about your brand

Be certain your copy is structured for maximum impact. Consistency of style and tone. The succinct and clear wording you want.

All the writing and editorial fine details critical to your marketing success.

Let’s get your project completed to your satisfaction.

I bring a fresh perspective to ensure crisp and easy-to-grasp wording that connects with your reader. Copywriting, editing, and proofreading are specialized skills few people take the time to develop and continuously refine.

Your business will profit from using the right freelance help. Discover how an unbiased review can help you make sure your brand messaging is clear and on target.

“She has a great attention to detail and an excellent understanding of various professional writing styles and journalistic guidelines. In addition to her writing skills, Susan is a consummate professional, always reliable and accountable.”
Sherri Muse
Corporate Communications Manager
GE Access

Why choose me
Friendly, dependable expertise to help you meet your marketing goals

We all need distance and objectivity from our own marketing. I’ll help you make sure your marketing messages are less about you and more about connecting with your buyers.

You’ll feel confident your brand delivers consistency and clarity in all your customer messages. That your voice comes across in the way you want.

Tone. Structure. Attention to the complexities of copywriting. Get the expertise you need on your web copy, email campaigns, and all your print pieces.

After all, your marketing collateral establishes and intensifies the perceptions people hold about your brand. And those perceptions determine the trust people feel toward you.

Deadlines looming? Need to finalize and wrap up your project?

Susan RemkusI’ve been helping Denver-area businesses since 1992. My educational credentials include a master’s in English and a master’s in linguistics with a focus on how language affects insight.

I’m here to help you capture the attention of your target audience and deliver clarity and consistency in crisp, clear messages that result in sales.

If you’ve ever experienced any of the below concerns or doubts about your copy’s clarity and effectiveness, I can help.

  • “Are we speaking in one unified voice, with a warm tone?”
  • “Is the structure of this copy easy to follow?”
  • “Do we need to cut down on wordiness and get a final proofing?”
  • “What keywords should we use on this web page?”
  • “What are we missing in this brochure?”
  • “Are our key benefits compelling?”
  • “Are we clear on our value proposition and differentiators?”
  • “Where are our inconsistencies?”
  • “What copy points should be in this email campaign?”

You have a trained, reliable resource to help you with all the specifics of copywriting.

“She’s able to say what I want to say. It’s like she reaches into your head and pulls out the words. Susan helps me clarify my goals for a piece and pulls it all together in a way that gets great results.”
Rachel Cook
Owner, Body Sanctuary

 Get In Touch
Get the writing and fine-tuning you need

Want to improve, update, or repurpose your existing marketing pieces?

Looking to overhaul web pages, email campaigns, print pieces or other selling tools?

Tone, structure, and the fine points of writing instill confidence in how people perceive your professionalism and how they regard the quality of your products and services. Your brand image is key to your marketing success.

Enjoy the convenience of professional services that address your need for:

  • Clear, clean and enticing web and print copy that connects with your reader
  • Grammatical correctness to ensure your work is accurate and glitch-free
  • A unified voice throughout your marketing pieces

Ever look at your promotional pieces and wonder…

  • What are we missing or forgetting to say?
  • Are our points clear and logically ordered?
  • Can we cut down on wordiness?
  • Do we sound too much like everyone else in our industry?

Blending the nuances of your product with the right emotional pull can prove to be difficult when you’re too close to your own marketing. And clarifying your wording and messages can be challenging if you’re not a writer or editor by trade.

I’d be delighted to help you deliver effective business communication that generates excitement and sales. Get the unbiased eye and focus vital to your marketing messages. Please let me know what you’re thinking.

“I have used Susan as a proofreader and editor since 1994 and find her extremely talented and responsive. She is a true ‘lifesaver’ for me.”
Denise Bonniwell
Owner, DCB Communications, Inc.

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